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Treat Yourself, Save the Earth! Earth Day Box


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Product Description

The "Treat Yourself, Save the Earth" Box is the perfect way to care for yourself and the planet! Who doesn’t love feeling relaxed and rejuvenated while simultaneously supporting international fair wages and sustainable products?

Celebrate Earth Day with a "Treat Yourself, Save the Earth" box for yourself or a Mama friend who could use a pick-me-up. BONUS: Every box includes a free Earth Day sticker and free shipping!

Inside the box, you’re getting:

Rose Latte with Creamer: This rose latte with a delightful latte creamer (so you can mix up your perfect cup, just the way you like it) is provided by Copper Cow – a company that sustainably sources their coffee and pays a fair living wage to coffee farmers working in Vietnam.

Makeup Eraser: Disposable makeup wipes are out, and this reusable, luxurious Makeup Eraser is in. The relief of taking off your makeup and cleansing your face at the end of a long day is enhanced with this luxurious, environmentally-friendly makeup towel.

Handmade Décor: Create a relaxing, beautiful home with this intentional decoration. Handcrafted by women in Honduras using only pine straw and thread, this beautiful hanging decoration enhances your home and supports a living wage for the women who crafted it.

Headbands (2 pack) – So you can keep your hair out of your eyes and look stylish with fun, colorful headbands made from upcycled material!

BONUS: Free “Earth Day” sticker with every box!

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