About Mama Needs Box

Hey Mama!

My name is Jenn and I am founder and Chief Self-Care Officer of Mama Needs Box! I'm also wife to my high school sweetheart and Mama to 3 amazing kids ages 10, 7 and 3! I started this subscription box and my mission to help Mamas practice self-care out of my own journey I've been on as a Mama. Motherhood is SO HARD, am I right? And the work never ends. 

That can take a toll on our bodies, hearts and minds if we aren't intentional about self-care. My heart for Mamas is to put aside the feelings that we don't have time or money to take care of ourselves and to ditch the guilt that keeps us from self-care! Self-care doesn't have to be extravagant - in fact, I say simple is best! This box is just a monthly reminder filled with the tools and encouragement to make time for you, Mama. I hope you'll invest in yourself a little bit; after all, you take care of everyone else!